Energy Efficient Lighting Cost-Savings Calculator
                  Calculate the energy savings you'll gain by upgrading to an energy efficient
                  lighting system, and how long it will take to recoup your total investment.

                  What you'll need to know;

                  1. Number of fixtures to be replaced.

                  2. Number of hours a fixture is "ON" per year.

                  3. Existing fixture system wattage.

                  Number of fixtures
                  Number of HOURS a fixture is "ON" per year
                  $ Your electric cost per kilowatt hour
                  Watts per fixture in current system
                  Watts per fixture in upgraded system
                  $ Cost to upgrade each fixture
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                  Cost of Electricity
                  Current system:   $ per year
                  Upgraded System:   $ per year
                  Energy Savings with Upgraded System
                  Per fixture:   $ per year
                  Total:   $ per year
                  With the energy savings alone, you'll recoup your total investment in 

                  Note: This calculator reflects energy cost savings. It does not reflect additional maintenance cost savings.